Chatbots? No.
Join the Customer Conversation.
Wherever your customer is along their mobile journey - be a part of the conversation with ChatGrid.
Engage Your Customers Where They Are
Drive immediate and relevant engagement where your customers are, on the most popular consumer messaging platforms.
Reach Your Customers
  • Reach 100% of your audience with the right message, at the right time
  • Connect and build your customer list on mobile messaging
Start a Conversation
  • Personalized mobile interactions at scale
  • Create natural conversations with just one click, with AI + ML that predicts your customer intent
  • Bring content, services and social to your messaging communications
  • Easily integrate with your existing CRM or marketing systems
Extend Your Marketing
An Integrated Cloud Platform

Manage all of your automated marketing conversations from one place, across multiple messaging channels.

Facebook Messenger, Kik, LINE, SMS
Let Your Customers Decide
Craft conversations that flow from one moment to the next - based on the interactions customers want to have with you.
Your Customers, All in One Place

Connect your customers and personalize interactions - a true "system of record" for your messaging communications.

View the analytics & metrics that matter to your business.
Integrate and Extend Your Systems
We're always adding more services and deeper integrations to your marketing automation infrastructure

Join the Conversation
Take advantage of the single biggest opportunity for true 1:1 customer engagement - with ChatGrid.

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